Careers at Riyad Bank

Your future is brighter with Riyad Bank
Riyad Bank accords great importance to staff training, development and improvement in all aspects of the banking business. Our training program is designed to improve your technical abilities and administrative skills.

Training Program

The training program is for prospective Saudi employees only and consists of three phases. A general orientation program introduces the trainee to procedures, strategies and the bank's products and services. The next phase is on-the-job-training, supplemented by lectures in more specialized areas of banking. Advanced training offers the opportunity to attend the Banking Institute and specialize in specific areas of banking. The objective of the training is to help the employee to acquire the skills and relevant experience for such vital and important positions as:

  • Treasury and Foreign currency dealing
  • Stocks and stock trading, investment funds, investment portfolio management
  • Marketing and corporate banking services
  • Information technology
  • Credit and loan management
  • Credit cards and their marketing
  • International banking operations
  • Inspection and internal audit
  • Human Resources
  • Support services